We are different


We are uniquely an Indigenous-Western partnership,

Our programs satisfy an emerging set of needs,

We function as a global UMBRELLA GROUP to cross-cultural learning programs and partnership projects,

We  are establishing a unifying global hub for cross-cultural services listings on our Services Directory,

All our services  mutually reinforce and strengthen each other.

Extensive networks 


We have strong, established global networks and partnership alliances,

Through our Council members and partners, we have unprecedented access to Indigenous communities and traditional Elders,

Here is an example of one of our partnership networks: the global presence of the International Council of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers.

The long view 

We take the long view in all our endeavours, looking after the next generations and all Life,

Our Council is a representative pool of Western experts and traditional Elders,

Underlying the Institute is an ethical framework requiring our partners and us to work with respect and reciprocity,

We have the humility to understand where we erred, and boldness to move beyond,

And together, we are focused on practical, sustainable solutions from a shared knowledge base and working in cross-cultural partnerships.