Services Directory

Weaving of global connectedness
Close up of spider web against sky
Close up of a web against sky

1EARTH INSTITUTE™ is developing  a global Services Directory, which lists cross-cultural specialists, speakers, scientists, trainers, Indigenous Elders, sustainability experts and all those with specialisations in cross-cultural, cultural and other relevant expertise. 

The global directory will list the service offerings with itemised cost for the delivery. 

Whilst we will post recommended individuals, we will not make value judgements as to the quality of their services on placement. 

The services will be self-regulating. They are peer-reviewed and  published. 

A global ‘LinkedIn’ – if you will  -, for those who contribute their services to an integrated cross cultural approach.

Our Services Directory will assure that all cultural and ceremonial services are appropriately remunerated and respectfully valued through 1EARTH INSTITUTE™ and all its affiliates, and for these standards to become the new norm.